Francona Goes Down with His Ship

Graphite – Click to Enlarge

Terry Francona was given a sinking ship and told to sail.  As manager, Terry’s job was to provide the rudder. He did.  Since 2004, Francona guided the S.S. Red Sox through treacherous waters admirably, twice returning to port with a World Series trophy.  This year, however, Francona was given a mutinous crew of spoiled ballplayers who seemed to expect the sails to raise and fill with wind just because they stepped on board.  A doomed voyage from the start.

Terry Francona provided the rudder, but he could not put wind in the sails.  Ever the captain, Tito went down with his ship.

Thanks to Francona for 8 years and 2 Championships.  He will be remembered fondly in the hearts and minds of Red Sox fans.