Sketching: Getting into the Story

Sometimes when I have a story idea, I just need to start drawing to get a sense of the world in which the story lives.  This is one of those drawings.  I feel that the focus necessary to engage in a drawing like this helps me to start to live within the story before I ever put pen to paper.  I’m excited about this one.

Graphite and chalk on toned paper

Graphite and chalk on toned paper

Happy National Batman Day!

photo (13)

Check me out in my Dark Knight mask!

In honor of the caped crusader’s 75th birthday, today has been declared National Batman Day! Retailers nation wide celebrated in a number of ways.  My new favorite store, That’s Entertainment in Worcester, celebrated by inviting patrons to come in dressed as the dark knight, giving out Batman masks, and discounting all Batman merchandise. I got a copy of The Long Halloween, a story I’ve been meaning to read for years.

Inspired by the holiday and by the amazing art of Tim Sale, I decided to add a sketch of the Bat to my moleskine. How are you celebrating National Batman Day?