iPad Is Coming to Town…Digital Painting on the Go

Self Portrait – Digital – Click to Enlarge 
Christmas night.  The Barrys were engaged in the ritual viewing of Christmas Vacation (still funny).  Clark Griswald was engaged in his pool fantasy (Mele Kalikimaka everyone).  I was engaged in a fantasy come true.  I was painting digitally on my brand new iPad – THANK YOU WIFE!

I have to say that I have been skeptical about the abilities of an iPad as an art creation tool.  I adore my Wacom tablets.  With them, I have become so accustomed to pressure sensitivity that the idea creating a painting without it could be likened to handing me a couple of stones and expecting fire.
Mr. Teeth – Digital – Click to Enlarge
I was using the $2 ProCreate app.  I can’t express how impressed I was with the experience.  This app emphasizes the paintbrush, smudge, and eraser tools.  This suites my digital painting style perfectly.  Even without pressure sensitivity, I found that the size and opacity adjustments were so easy to access, that I after a few minutes I was no longer longing for my Wacom. 
Ultimately, what the iPad experience comes down to is portability.  Did I create anything that I couldn’t create with my Wacom tablet and Photoshop?  No.  But I created something completely comparable while sitting on a sofa, watching a flick with my family.  
Cheers to the iPad.  
More digital sketches to come…

Season’s Greetings from Some Vexing Varmints

What are those pesky Procyons up to anyway?  Are they building snowman with a bit of holiday magic?  Or are they ganking all the goodies off of the Frosty that kid spent all day building?

Let me know what you think in the comments…

Watercolor on Arches cold press watercolor board – Click to Enlarge

Presented above is my 2011 holiday card. If you are looking for a last minute card for friends and family, please feel free to download and print.
Free PDFs: exterior art
                  interior art

Happy Holidays!