Q: When do you doodle?

Ring Ring
Yo dude! I was gonna run to the store. Do you need me to pick anything up?

Ummm…Nah! I’ll get the taco stuff.
Okay. Are you sure? I was gonna go out anyway.
Well I guess you could grab some beers.
Sounds good. What kind should I get?
Have you tried that new Sam Blackberry?
Well that’s what I’d get.
Alrighty. Will do.
See you later tonight.

A: I doodle when I’m on the phone.

2 thoughts on “Q: When do you doodle?

  1. Man…If there is one thing I have plenty of in my life, it is paper. I swear to God, the public school system is responsible for the vanishing of the world's rain forests.

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