The Mission

To share my ideas, doodles, struggles, achievements, frustrations, monsters, jokes, puns, sketches, superheroes, illustrations, and inspirations.

I am a naturally bashful person and find blogging about myself to be grossly unnatural and even pretentious. Let me assure you that I don’t speak with a faux-British accent. Nor do sip tea with a pinky pointed to the sky. Hell, I don’t sip tea unless it is iced. Even then, it is more of a chug than a sip.

What I do…is draw.

My hope is that this blog will serve as my compass, guiding me toward artistic growth, and (name your deity) willing, a career as an illustrator. My immediate desire is that those of you who read this blog will at least be entertained by my little musings, attempts, and failures, all of which will be made of lines.

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